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MetroGel scores 1.8 out of 5, based on 36 reviews in this MetroGel forum.

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Author: Davis from CO

My face is acne free after using MetroGel.

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Author: Gibson from LA

I am using it for two months. No side effects and acne scars gone.

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Author: Matthew from SC

Good and reliable to treat acne and scars.

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Author: Sofia from MetroGel Forum

MetroGel cannon eliminate acne defects

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Author: Steven K. from Alaska

MetroGel worked pretty well and my face and back look much better than they were 3 months ago. Still, I cannot recommend this acne product because I suffered from headache and nausea all these 3 months!

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Author: Anonymous from New Mexico

Metrogel does not deliver what it promises.

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Author: Mike from California

It will only cause severe burns

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Author: Anonymous from MetroGel Forum

Will it treat severe acne?

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Author: tammy from oklahoma

itonly aggravates my acne rosacea

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Author: Eliz from NY


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Author: Anonymous from MetroGel Forum

Metrogel does not treat acne. It's not an acne treatment product!

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Author: Anonymous from Virginia

Its new moisturizing formula also seems to help control my normally oily skin.

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Author: Anonymous from Virginia

Having to apply it only once a day is super.

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Author: B. from MetroGel Forum

It has not improved the condition of my skin

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Author: Jean from Indiana

I am 59 years old and have had acne problems all my life. So when rosacea showed up about 7 years ago, I faced yet another skin challenge. Metrogel helped me!

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