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Author: Anonymous from USA

Purchased this product after a friend recommended it to me, not seeing any results on myself but I am not getting any further problems either and it does not seem to be making it worse. Not a product for my skin.

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Author: Sally from Ohio

Bought this product for my daughter who has an awful problem with acne. She is very pleased with the results and says she will not change her product. Very happy!

Author: Jackie M from PA

How long did it take for your daughter to see results? My daughter is 14 and started getting acne a month ago after having clear skin so she is freaking out about going back to school next month.

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Author: Stuart from MA

Not happy with results at all from this product. Noticed a slight result but after 1 week of using I came out with a rash and my problems grew worse.

Author: Shannon L from Canada

You could be like me and had an allergic reaction. My doctor told me to stick to topical treatment that is paraben-free because my skin is too sensitive.

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Author: Natalie from United Kingdom

Been using this product now for a little over two months and I stopped using it for a while when I started seeing results, problems began to come back again so this product is great for a temporary fix but you would need to use all the time for permanent results.

Author: Nick Silver from California US

Your body might have been detoxing. My acne got worse the first 10 days but then started clearing up in the first week.

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Author: Stacye from New York

So far I have been using this product for a month and I am very happy with the results so far, I was having a huge problem with acne and this product seems to help me greatly. Will continue to use.

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Author: Underwood from CO

I noticed good results in two weeks.

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Author: Kelly from LA

My face looks much better than 2 months before. Thanks to Zenmed.

Author: Doug from Zenmed Forum

How soon did you notice results? I would like my skin to be cleared up before school starts again. It is my last year in high school and I don't want to be remembered for my horrible acne.

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Author: Anonymous from Zenmed Forum

Amazing product. My face is free of acne marks now.

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Author: Johan from Mo

I have seen quick fast results so far. I love this product

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Author: Derek from California

This product was good. I am still looking for the GREAT perfect product because some acne has come back 5 months later.

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Author: Errin from ontario

For those of you who have acne and have tried everything and nothing works. I've had acne on my chin for like 4 years since I had my daughter. I tried so manyproducts until I found zenmed. It's for sensitive acne prone skin. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks and my chin is practically pimple free. It works.

Author: Brie Sheldon from North Carolina

Hey! I have had acne bad since I gave birth in June and it has not cleared up yet. I have tried different products and nothing worked. Do you know if this is safe during breastfeeding?

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Author: Anonymous from Montreal

Been using it for 2 years, I have clearer, softer skin. I look back at pics before 2009 and my face was constantly RED :( but no more very happy with products

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Author: Gabryella from Madeira

This acne product isn't good enough for me. It can't clean my skin well

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Author: Olimpia from Spain

Good acne product, but I'd like another one - cheaper and faster-acting

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Author: Amy from UK

I haven't been able to solve my acne problems yet, but I like it as a cleaning product

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Author: Anonymous from Burlington, Ontario

I only tried the Rosacea skin care products for a few days and broke out in a rash, my face swelled up, one morning I could barely open my eyes, now 3 days after eliminating these creams I still have very dry red skin on my face and neck. I have never reacted to any product like this ever! I would not recommend this product.

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Author: Anonymous from Zenmed Forum

I'm using it only for 2 weeks but already have some results. Will continue to use it.

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Author: Ga Eul from Seoul

I had enough acne problems and Zenmed helped me in solving them

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Author: Victoria from Zenmed Forum

A good sample of acne products. It really helps.

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Author: JJ from CANADA

I been using zenmed for three weeks im starting to see results. I have'nt had any bad break out sence i started using the product.

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Author: Jamaica from Australia

I have been using Zenmed for almost 2 months. Got more breakouts after 2 weeks, and now im still using it. I noticed that it is worst. Got a lot of acne on my face and more on my body. Maybe it is not really for me. I might try another product.

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Author: Anonymous from Zenmed Forum

awful results, I consider trying another acne product. Can anyone help?

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Author: Anonymous from Zenmed Forum

Neither positive, nor negative. Zenmed worked well for me but after 3 weeks acne outbrakes appeared again.

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Author: Jason from Phoenix

I tried the zenmed stuff and got results.

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Author: BigJoe from Zenmed Forum

After two months my skin is now looking a bit better. I will continue to use their cleanser and try their scar treatment system to get rid of the acne scars. Hope it works.

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Author: Katie Harrison from New York

I continued the system for six months and it worked better and worse. Still I do not see permanent results.

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Author: Anonymous from Zenmed Forum

As a teen my complexion was never really a problem, maybe I would get a pimple here or there, but nothing serious. I tried Zenmed to get rid of acne completely and now my face is horrible, it's all covered with acne, scars, pimples, blackheads... I do not know what to do now.

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Author: Robert from Vancouver, BC

My doctor put me on a few prescriptions including Accutane, but I never found anything that worked without having side effects untill I tried Zenmed.

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Author: Greg W from Boston, US

I have been acne free for a little more than a year, it is thanks to the zenmed products I use. But I have to purchase them again and again (no acne gel now). This is bad.

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Author: Ann C. from Canada

Within two weeks I started to see great results.

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